Map and Route

lycia-route-map-660x392The official start of the the Lycian Way is in Ovacik, but most people begin 15km away in Fethiye.  However, the trail can easily be walked either east (Antalya) to west (Fethiye) or west to east without problem. Most of the accounts of existing walkes seem to take the route from west to east.

For an excellent breakdown of each segment of the walk click here to read from a comprehensive Wikitravel entry.

A few elements to consider when choosing a direction:

  • The highest point on the trail, summit of Mt Tahtali (formerly Mt Olympus), sits at 1,800 meters and near the eastern end of the trail. If you want to get this challenging ascent behind you early start in Antalya.
  • The markings on this trail are poor in many places, even in the “recommended” west to east direction. Traveling east to west will increase the challenge of finding your way.
  • Depending on when you enjoy hiking (early morning, later in the afternoon) consider where the sun will be – either at your back or in your face for much of the hike. Of course you will find yourself twisting and turning through the day but many of the sections are exposed with little shade so a bit of planning for your schedule can go a long way.
  • The only guide book currently available in English, as well as this website, has instructions written west to east. Working your way backwards will be slightly more challenging (which is a big statement given how challenging the directions in the book are overall).