Day 15: Kaş (rest day)

Considering we were still asleep before 7 p.m. last night, it’s no shock we were awake before sunrise. But thankfully being clean, warm, and in a real bed gave us options to while away the time – options that are far less sexy in a tent after 4 days of walking without a shower! Not even counting the romance, it’s just nice to have access to light to read or a bathroom you can get to without waking your partner up.

Sun rising on Kas

Ah, civilization!

We had breakfast on the deck below us as the sun was coming up over the hill…we LOVE eating outside. Most of the pansiyons and apartments here have outdoor space so you can enjoy the terrific weather. We also overdosed on coffee and tea because it was so readily available. Maybe this means we’ll stay up later tonight? We’ve been drinking a lot of Turkish tea, which is readily available everywhere and normally served in clear, tulip-shaped glasses.

After breakfast we wandered the town looking at apartment rentals for our return, restaurants, and shops. The first apartment was at Lantana, a building directly behind our hotel and also with a great view of the sea. The apartments are modern and beautiful, and we can get an off-season rate of 85 lira per night (about $42.50USD in current conversion rates). This looks like a great option for us, but we’ll continue looking.

We found the grocery store and were delighted to discover nut bars, dried fruit, and all the staples a backpacker needs. As we get closer to our upcoming mountain adventure (3 days with no resupply available), these supplies will come in handy. We’ll definitely stock up here before we leave.

There was an internet cafe near the grocery store, and we gave ourselves a 1-hour time limit to check in back home (Warren’s mom had a recent surgery and wanted to make sure our business was okay). It’s a challenge to type on a foreign keyboard! But we muddled through and discovered the world was humming along just fine without us.

We enjoyed a great hamburger and a sleepy restaurant in the warren of streets, and it was a nice surprise to have one of the friendly neighborhood dogs come by and plant himself under our table for his afternoon nap. One thing we’ve noticed in Turkey is an affection for animals, especially cats. They rule the place. But dogs are also cared for, even strays. They all have tags in their ears that document their shot history and monitor their movements. A team of vets rounds them up on a regular basis in the larger towns and keeps them vaccinated and healthy.

After a short nap, which seemed totally crazy after our long sleep and lack of walking today, we walked out toward the pier at the edge of town and climbed down onto the rocks to watch the sunset. (It’s now setting around 4:30 p.m. since the time change, which means we’ll have to start our days an hour earlier when we resume walking to take advantage of the daylight.)

Sunset in Kas

We walked back through the town afterward and saw the bustle of activity in the square. Tomorrow is the 90th anniversary of Turkey’s independence as well as the unofficial close of the summer tourist season. Many shops will close after tomorrow until the spring, so we’re hoping to get some good deals on sandals (Betsy’s flip flops broke on day 3 of the hike, and you definitely need another pair of shoes to wear at the end of a day of walking).

Cafe Barcelona offered a great spot for people watching with all the hustle and bustle, and we enjoyed a beer here. We have really enjoyed the solitude of our walk, but we also missed the socialization with other people.

We stayed up until 9 p.m., which is a real milestone lately!

Daily Stats

Where We Stayed

Çakil Pansiyon, right on the Lycian Way and with an excellent view of the sea (though a sleep climb to our room!)

Hours Walked

0 on the trail…it’s our rest day!


A bed, a shower, good weather, a delicious hamburger, another beautiful sunset, and the fun of anticipating tomorrow’s big celebration


Problems, what problems?