Day 14: Çukerbag to Kaş

After last night’s jarring call to prayer from the mosque across the street, we expected to be woken with a start. But the muezzin started the day with a non-amplified call to prayer, which was a great way to wake up. We had a short walk ahead of us to Kaş (pronounced: Cash), where we planned to take a few days off to wait for our friend Sherry to join us, so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with 2 cups of tea each and the perk of having tables to hold our things as we packed up camp. Such luxury!

We thought we were leaving at the decadent hour of 9 a.m., but we later found out the time had changed the night before and we were still on track to arrive at our destination well before lunch. Compared to yesterday’s exhaustion, today we felt like brand-new people.

The walk to Kaş was flat until we got to the start of the steep hairpins that would take us down 500 meters to the city. Like every flat space we’ve come across on this trail, it was not always well marked but we did have the luxury of stacked stones to guide us. Not sure who put those on this trail, but they are often more reliable than the actual marks and we always look for them.

Path to Kas

When we arrived at the start of the descent, we were were rewarded with a stunning view of the sea, the city, and even came almost face-to-face with the paragliders swooping by. We were making a video for our website at one point when a paraglider came whooping up behind us, which is a pretty cool experience.

Hello Kas

We made our way down over sometimes loose rock on the hairpin descent, and we met several groups of day hikers going back up. Boy, we don’t envy them their walk!

The city of Kaş is very pretty, and we followed the trail to a line of pansiyons overlooking the sea. We stopped at a few to negotiate prices and see rooms, finally settling on Çakıl with a good room rate, excellent view, included breakfast, and the option to move to a 3-person room at a good rate when our friend Sherry arrived.

We dropped off our dirty laundry, had a hot shower, and spent the rest of the day exploring. This is a really cute town, and since we have a couple of weeks left between the end of our hike and our house sit in Spain, we decided we’d like to come back here.  A gorgeous sunset over the sea from the balcony of our room (all for the equivalent of $35/night US) was the perfect end to the day.

View from our paynsion

We were still asleep not too long after dark.

Daily Stats

Where We Stayed

Çakil Pansiyon, right on the Lycian Way and with an excellent view of the sea (though a sleep climb to our room!)

Hours Walked



A short day’s walk to a 4-day break is always a perk! We had a stunning view of the city and sea below before starting out ascent, and as we stopped to make a video and take photos we were treated with up-close-and-personal visits from the paragliders flying by. We also saw the Greek island of Meis in the distance. Laundry was dropped off, showers were had, and we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset from our balcony over the Mediterranean Sea. Arriving in Kaş in the off-season (spring or fall) means lower prices and easy access to accommodation while still enjoying good weather.


A bit of trouble keeping up with the trail in the flat space between Çukerbag to Kaş, but we relied more on the stacked rocks of former walkers than we did the marks and did just fine. The steep descent from the cliff to the city of Kaş does have loose rock at the start of the hairpins, but a little care in walking makes it easily manageable.