Following is a detailed overview of the expenses incurred as part of walking the Lycian Way. These expenses take into account all the expenses to get from Antalya to the beginning of the route in Olüdeniz and the ongoing costs along the way.

For this adventure we stayed in paysions or home stays every 5 days to relax and enjoy a day off (including a 4-night stay in Kas 2 weeks in). In addition, we tried to eat one hot meal a day in the villages and eat ready-made food we bought along the way at our camp site every night, lightening our weight load by not having to carry a stove, fuel, and extra cooking water.

Our biggest unplanned expense was the 3 nights on the boat and a day trip on a boat during a day off, both of which we’re still glad we did.

Note: this budget does not include transportation to/from Turkey.

Accommodation $700
Food $590
Alcohol $227
Living Expenses $73
Local transportation $41
Intercity Transportation $34
Entertainment $18
Tips $2
Grand Total $1,685